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“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

Welcome to Day 27 of ImpeachmentWatch™, your daily diary that tracks Impeachment, whether the Mainstream Media covers it or not.

Here’s how the propaganda model works: Take an issue that is at odds with how elite policy makers view the world, say Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s (D-OH) bid to impeach President Bush in early June 2008, and evaluate the media coverage of the event. Kucinich’s attempt to impeach the President elicited a mere 132 words in every major media outlet including the New York Times, Washington Post, and

In this case, the mainstream media (MSM) did not conduct any of its own reporting or writing, instead it presented the public with an Associated Press (AP) report, which lacked depth and context regarding Kucinich’s argument. The paltry word count aside, the article was rarely found in print, but left to be discovered on the websites of major media players, designated to an obscure link on the margins. The only remnants of the media coverage can be found in an exact and precise Google search, which will lead readers to the brief article.

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Impeachment Video of the Day

Ralph Nader: “Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought!


Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Recent Highlights

I believe we should let George Bush get away with breaking the law becausethe attempt to hold him accountable is really pointless since he’s leaving anyway, and what matters is that he’s not around to commit any more crimes, not whether or not he committed crimes in the past.

Why We Interrupted Bush at Monticello

When Bush opened his mouth to speak I shouted “Defend the Constitution, Impeach Bush!” I repeated that several times, as people nearby knocked me over, cops handcuffed me, people gave me smiles and thumbs up signs. They threw me out and a couple of more defenders of our Constitution behind me, and then a few more, and then a few more. The handcuffed citizens who’d done their duty kept coming down the hill. They did not arrest us but did give us a ride down the mountain where we joined a crowd of protesters in the road who greeted Bush’s limo coming and going.

Why did we do this? Here’s why.

This is something that most people were never taught in history class. Instead, anyone receiving a public education in the U.S.A. is told that the Roman Empire collapsed because it was attacked by barbarians and “sacked.” This supposed “sacking” did take place, but it happened about 500 years after the Praetorian guards sold the empire to a senior Senator, convinced by his wife and daughter “and his parasites…that he deserved the throne.”

This refusal to impeach has left this country with a situation where we actually have only two branches of government, the executive branch and the Supreme Court. This has been the case since September 11, 2001. This Global War on Terror effectively silenced Congress as far as acting as a check on the executive branch. The Democrats were handed what amounted to carte blanche when they captured Congress in 2006.

Because the continued success of government in this country, including, of course, the criminal justice system, depends upon a most fundamental and simple precept: No person is above the law. When I first started as a prosecutor, judges would sometimes phrase it more archaically: The law is no respecter of persons. But however it’s phrased, this basic premise has never changed. In the United States of America, regardless of a person’s station in life or political affiliation, he is entitled to be judged — and must be judged — according to the same laws as every one else.

But no one did. Even when Democrats retook the House and Senate, the first thing they did was declare — almost pridefully — that “impeachment was off the table.” It was like a fire chief announcing that “response to house fires is off the table,” or a district attorney declaring that “rape prosecutions are off the table.”

“This is not intended to be a mere discussion of violations of law that have occurred,” said convener Lawrence Velvel, dean and cofounder of the school. “It is, rather, intended to be a planning conference at which plans will be laid and necessary organizational structures set up, to pursue the guilty as long as necessary and, if need be, to the ends of the Earth.”

The corporate media does not want to take on this issue and will not be able to handle its actual existence the way it handles the threat of impeachment proceedings. If impeachment hearings get underway, the corporate media will have to deal with the substance of the charges. It will be impossible to simply avoid the matter or treat it dismissively. You know the substance of the charges as well as anyone, but apparently you have not considered what all that information could accomplish.

The blogs are alive with the sound of Impeachment. The notices are rolling into my computer faster than I can open them, sign them and send them out to friends or family. That’s called activism, pushing back against this destructive force called Bush.

I think, perhaps, we are focusing on issues of impeachment through the wrong end of the telescope. We keep asking: how might this, potentially, negatively affect our Dems in the coming election cycle. Maybe we should turn the telescope around, for a wide-angle perspective, and ask: how might impeachment negatively affect every Republican running for office in the upcoming election?

The Speaker’s excuses are frivolous. One does not agree to remain complicit with tyranny on the illusion fact finding might be divisive. Division is the intent of the Framers: To ensure power is not centralized, and divided. Pelosi supports centralizing unchecked power under tyranny.

For this blackout to be broken, Progressive Democrats of America, Move On and every other progressive group need to call for Senator Obama to publicly call for Impeachment.

Brain scans revealed that the politically biased are virtually addicted to lying to themselves to maintain their view that their party and leaders are flawless. People of both political “sides” are equally affected by bias.

When viewing truth that doesn’t suit our ideals, most of us deny it and go on as if it never happened mainly because few of us even understand the way bias affects us and makes us completely irrational.

Millions of Americans suffer from this, and nationalism bias runs even deeper. Most people think that blindly believing what our government tells us is patriotism. That is false.

Most people doubt that our leaders would ever do anything that isn’t in our best interest. Most of us live in a delusional reality based on denial as a result. By definition most of us are in fact “sheeple”.

Vital Links

Full Text of the Articles of Impeachment (PDF)

Full Text Version of the Articles of Impeachment (TXT)

List of the Articles of Impeachment (TXT)

Entire Kucinich Impeachment Video (complete) [thanks to cspanjunkie]

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“Ernest Hemingway once wrote, ‘The world is a fine place and worth fighting for’. I agree with the second part” — Seven

Mainstream Story Counts

front pages as of 10:00 am PST – 2008-07-06 0 1

(does not mention protestors.  it did not happen.)

AP: Bush Honors Troops, Celebrates New Citizens in Radio Address 0

Google News: 0

Reuters: 0

AP: 0

Google News Search: Impeachment: 5,434 – (11)

Number of Days until Rep. Kucinich plans to re-introduce the 35 Articles of Impeachment: 5

Current Co-Sponsers: Rep Wexler, Robert [FL-19], Rep Woolsey, Lynn C. [CA-6], Rep Lee, Barbara [CA-9], Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. [NY-22], Rep Baldwin, Tammy [WI-2], Rep Farr, Sam [CA-17]

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead

Daily Impeachment Tracker

Day 27 – 2008-07-06

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Day 26 – 2008-07-05

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Day 25 – 2008-07-04

RAWSTORY: Kucinich’s July 4th message: Help me restore ‘rule of law in America’

RAWSTORY: Protesters disrupt Bush’s July 4th address at Monticello

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Day 24 – 2008-07-03


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Day 23 – 2008-07-02

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Day 22 – 2008-07-01

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POPULIST-AMERICA: None Dare Call it Treason



PFF: An Appeal to the American Conscience

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Day 21 – 2008-06-30

ADS: Sacrilege at Monticello

ADS: VIDAL: ‘The United States is not a republic anymore’

RAWSTORY: Judges cite nonsense poem in Guantanamo case

PWW: High crimes charge leveled at Bush, Cheney

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EDITOR-AND-PUBLISHER: 5th Anniversary of Bush’s ‘Bring Them On’ Statement on Iraq Nears

Day 20 – 2008-06-29

ADS: Monster chickens are coming home to roost

COUNTERCURRENTS: Real Journalists Don’t Make

$5 Million A Year

SCOOP: George W. Bush to Speak at Monticello on July 4

BLOG: Impeach Bush.  Villagers, come with your torches for Dick Cheney.

BLOG: The Constitutional solution would be to impeach, try, convict and remove George Bush and Dick Cheney from their high offices

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Day 19 – 2008-06-28

NEWS-LEADER: President needs impeachment

INDYBAY: Mumia Abu-Jamal: The Crimes of Kings

OEN: The Un-American Lies of Antonin Scalia

SUN-SENTINEL: Wexler/Kucinich effort to impeach has nothing to do with party politics

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OEN: Buying Power: The Sale of the Empire

BUENOS-AIRES: Bush, oil executives, criminally liable for Iraq War, says Congressman

TMPCAFE: Exploring Possible Federalist Society Connections To War Crimes, FISA Violations, Wecht Jury Tampering, US Attorney Firings

TMPCAFE: Mukasey’s War Crimes Problem In Light of FBI 302

Day 18 – 2008-06-27

PUBLIC-RECORD: Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment: A Three-Part Guide

CONCORD-MONITOR: Put impeachment back on the table

TIMBERJAY: The old dog has to want to change its ways

LRC-BLOG: Maybe NOW They’ll Impeach Them

OEN: Call to Action July 4th- Get off the internet, I’ll see you in the streets!

PRESS-GAZETTE: Kucinich has the right idea

DES-MOINES-REGISTER: Media ignore move to impeach Bush

NAPA-VALLEY-REGISTER: It’s time to impeach

ADS: Momentum Building For Bugliosi’s Case Against George W. Bush For Murder

Day 17 – 2008-06-26

OEN: Clinton Impeachment vs Bush Impeachment

OEN: Impeachment Action Is Working!

RAWSTORY: Wexler: McCain’s ‘calculating the value of a terrorist attack’ is ‘eerie’

OEN: America has a Double Standard When It Comes to Kids

TCPALM: Bush’s border neglect is impeachable

ADS: Wexler Pushed for Impeachment Hearings on the Olbermann Show on MSNBC Tonight (video)

ADS: People Who Believe in God Also Believe Bush More Likely to Denounce His Own Policies Than Congress Is to Impeach Him


TMPCAFE: ‘Backlash Because of Impeachment Investigation’ Is An Urban Myth

ALIBI: Impeachment? What Impeachment?

RAWSTORY: McCain doesn’t want to impeach Bush (video)

ADS: Opening Statement to the House Judiciary Committee Regarding the Articles of Impeachment

ADS: Robert Wexler on Hannity & Colmes (video)

TMPCAFE: Addington Side Steps Conyers Question on Illegal Presidential Orders, Activity, War Crimes

Day 16 – 2008-06-25

PRWEB: A War Crimes Trial for Bush Administration? Priceless. Web-series launches “A Throbbing Surge”

CAPITOL-TIMES: Baldwin answers call of conscience, backs impeachment

RC-READER: Impeachment Articles Deserved Coverage

OEN: In Defense of Robert Wexler

AMERICAN-CHRONICLE: A Nation “On Track” Toward Derailment

M&C: Activists hope to honour President Bush with sewage plant

ST-PETERSBURG-TIMES: A lone congressman still speaks for the people

CONNIE-TALK: Dennis Kucinich Offers Petition To The Public For Impeaching Bush

LAS-VEGAS-SUN: Bush has flagrantly abused his power

ADS: In Memoriam Amendment IV

ADS: Six Years Later: Boston Globe Admits It’s Blood for Oil

ADS: Bush impeachment debate focuses on subpoenas (video)

ADS: Wexler, Bowman, and Impeachment

WE-OP-ED: Should Congress Move Forward with Impeachment Investigations?

Day 15 – 2008-06-24

ADS: McClellan Testimony Highlights Bush’s Crimes — It’s Time for Genuine Accountability

SCOOP: Wexler on impeachment

HUFFPO: Lou Dobbs Stomps Out the Smoldering Match

POLITICALFORUM: Just Impeach Him Already

IMPEACHMENT-HEARING-ROOM: Impeach Bush And Cheney Before They Can Strike Again

OEN: A Future without Impeachment Paints a Bleak Picture

ADS: Feingold Says House Should Not Impeach for an Impeachable Offense Because the House Doesn’t Want to Do It

TMPCAFE: Congress Must Assert Exclusive Rule Making Power Over DC To Void All Presidential Signing Statements

TMPCAFE: Data Mining SASC25 Aggressive Interrogation Techniques

HUFFPO: Time for a Grand Inquest into Bush’s High Crimes

GLOBAL-RESEARCH: Rogue Nation: Time to change the course of U.S. history

Day 14 – 2008-06-23

ADVOCATE: Big Oil gains

OEN: Growing Right-Wing Chorus Backs Impeachment. When Will Pelosi?

BUZZFLASH: Barbara’s Daily BuzzFlash Minute

OEN: An Historic Moment Gone Unnoticed

ADS: The Battle Of Today Is Not For Today Alone

ADS: HEALTH ADVISORY: Invasion of the Impeachophobes

TMPCAFE: American Citizens Must Confront This President’s Illegal Prosecutions

RAWSTORY: Feingold: ‘Farce’ wiretap deal could be hiding ‘impeachable offense’

OEN: America Is Starting To Resemble Germany Before The Reichstag Fire

CONNIETALK: Dennis Kucinich May Be The Bravest American Of The Month

JEFFERSON-POST: Is the dawn coming?

FLICKR: Let’s purge congress of Bush Democrats

AUSTIN-DWI-LAWYER: I lost my temper today

TMPCAFE: Impeach Obama!

OEN: Some things we can do to help impeachment along

Day 13 – 2008-06-22

THEUNION: The value of the impeachment process

OEN: If The Opposite of Pro Is Con, Then The Opposite of Progress…

BILLINGS-GAZETTE: Impeachment articles exist to be used

OEN: Open Discussion Thread: Why do You think that Impeachment is a No-Go?

FASTCOMPANY: A reply letter to Florida Senator Bill Nelson

GATHER: Wexler to hold Town Hall Meeting

NUKESYLO13: Bush/Cheney in New England: “Arrest On Sight!”

RAWSTORY: McGovern: Iran attack coming soon

Day 12 – 2008-06-21

RAWSTORY: Dem Rep. calls for impeachment at McClellan testimony (video)

BUSINESS-AND-MEDIA: Lou Dobbs: Bush Should Be Impeached for Salmonella Outbreak

ADS: Lou Dobbs finds his reason to impeach Bush… food safety (video)

ADS: Major General Taguba’s Comments Add Weight to Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment

ADS: White House Refuses Another Subpoena

ADS: At Congressional Hearing, Conyers Talks About ‘Impeachable Offense’

SCOOP: Kucinich: Impeachment Not “Off the Table”

THE-FREE-PRESS: Support Dennis Kucinich

OEN: Impeach, Convict, Imprison, Sue

Day 11 – 2008-06-20

ADS: McClellan and Impeachment (video)

SELF-RELIANCE: Dianne Feinstein’s Answer to Impeachment

LANCASTER-EAGLE-GAZETTE: Ohioan, patriot delivers articles of impeachment

EVERYTHING-JERSEY: Open impeachment hearings

OREGONIAN: A vote for impeachment

SALEM-NEWS: Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment: A Three-Part Guide

CBSNEWS: McClellan: “White House Has Chosen To Conceal” Plame Details

ALTERNET: Scott McClellan Lays out a Damning Case Against Bush’s White House (video)

THE-REAL-NEWS: McClellan, impeachment and Congress (video)

Day 10 – 2008-06-19

ADS: Obama Commits to Halting Some of Bush’s Crimes If Elected, Even While Refusing to Acknowledge That They Are Prosecutable

WAPO: Kucinich Vows More Impeachment Articles On the Way (video)

TIMESARGUS: Push Congress on impeachment

CONSORTIUM: Bomb Iran? What’s to Stop Us?

THINKPROGRESS: Taguba: “The current administration has committed war crimes” and needs to “be held to account.’

TIMES-HERALD: Where’s impeachment news?

OEN: We the People on the eve of Countdown to impeachment

TIMES-STANDARD: Impeachment is still on the table

NEWS-LEADER: Bush has bent American system

GJ-FREE-PRESS: Where are the Democrats?

ARGUS-LEADER: Discover truth about Bush

SMIRKINGCHIMP: What Does Treason Have to do with Impeachment?

ADS: Cheney Linked To Torture Tactics

OEN: Force Impeachment – Hit The Streets

GLOBALRESEARCH: Kucinich threatens 60 impeachment articles if Judiciary doesn”t act

YOUR-THREE-CENTS: Kucinich to call for 60 ARTICLES of Impeachment

OEN: Congress Worse Than Bush & Company

INTERNATIONAL-NEWS: Movement is underway to impeach US President George W. Bush

Day 9 – 2008-06-18

ADS: Sen. Byron Dorgan, (D) N. Dakota, Considers Bush’s Crimes Relatively Unimportant, Opposes Impeachment

OEN: Support Rep. Kucinich’s and the Articles of Impeachment Against George Bush

BLACKAGENDAREPORT: Cynthia McKinney’s Call to Action in Support of Dennis Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment Against Bush

BLACKAGENDAREPORT: Freedom Rider: 35 Crimes

ATLANTICFREEPRESS: When is doing the right thing ” the wrong thing?

RAWSTORY: Kucinich threatens 60 impeachment articles if Judiciary doesn”t act

ADS: Bush”s High Crimes and Misdemeanors

ADS: General Accuses WH of War Crimes

BANGKOKPOST: Whither American accountability? Go after Bush Jr.

Day 8 – 2008-06-17

ADS: Hastings Won’t Impeach for Known Impeachable Offenses, Klein Won’t Worry His Head Over Whether There Are Impeachable Offenses

ADS: Brattleboro Reformer Editorializes for Impeachment

ADS: McKinney Says People Must ‘Flip the Script” Again, Urges Mass Mobilization Supporting Impeachment

HERALDBULLETIN: Never too late to impeach


ADS: Impeachment on MTV

ADS: Bush Greeted With Cries for Impeachment in Rome, Italy

CONSORTIUMNEWS: Kucinich Comments on Impeachment

OEN: I Thought We Didn’t Negotiate With Terrorists

TMPCAFE: A Question to Democrats: If Not Now, When?

Day 7 – 2008-06-16

ADS: Ducking Impeachment in Congress and the Newsroom

ADS: Philadelphia Inquirer Editorializes on Impeachment

ADS: Wiretapping: Impeachment Not Immunity


ADS: Audio of Questioning of Senator Byron Dorgan About Impeachment (audio)

COURANT: Courant Quiet On Impeachment


ADS: Impeachment vs. ‘get out of jail free’ card for Bush, Cheney


STATESMANJOURNAL: The case for impeaching President Bush

Day 6 – 2008-06-15

ADS: Is Fascism an Impeachable Offense?

ADS: It’s Just Plame Impeachable

METROWEST: Greene: Clear reasons for impeachment

OEN: You Can’t Take a Poll to Decide if the Law Should Be Enforced

AZSTARNET: In support of the call for impeachment

GATHER: To Impeach or Not to Impeach, That is the Question

Day 5 – 2008-06-14

WSWS: Kucinich, the Democrats and the impeachment of Bush

JAVNO: NO INVESTIGATION: Kucinich Impeachment Proposal Refused Due To Fear

IPP: Cindy Sheehan criticizes Pelosi for not supporting impeachment

OEN: Questions for Obama: WHERE do you stand on IMPEACHMENT?  Is it “Off the Table” for YOU too?

OEN: Going Out With A Bang

OEN: POLL: Is the news media doing it’s job?

OEN: Please write to Gwen Ifill: 35 Articles of Impeachment Censored

PEOPLES VOICE: ‘George W. Bush has gotten away with murder’

ADS: Cindy Sheehan: Why Not, Nancy?

ADS: U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler takes issue with editorial on impeachment


OEN: Followup Letter to Congress: Impeach

35 Reasons to Call (202) 225-5126

TMPCAFE: Your DA, State AG Must Prosecute This Sitting President

TMPCAFE: President Must Be Prosecuted For Directing Illegal FBI Information Warfare For Political Objectives

CELEBRITYSATIRE: Congress Responds to Kucinich Impeachment Bill (satire)

Day 4 – 2008-06-13

PROGRESSIVE: It’s Conyers’s Time to Act on Impeachment

DEMOCRACY NOW: Despite Opposition from His Own Party, Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich Vows to Continue Impeachment Effort Against Bush (video/audio)

ADS: Veterans For Peace deliver 23,000 impeachment petitions to House Judiciary Chair Conyers

ADS: Bush Tried to Destroy Medicare

PACKET: Bush actions merit impeachment

SPOKESMAN REVIEW: Why no coverage of impeachment debate?

DESERT SUN: The Bush administration: Is impeachment coming?

BUZZFLASH: Dennis Kucinich Says He’s Not Giving Up on Impeachment: Morality and the Law Require It.

VENTURA COUNTY STAR: Your letters: Time to Impeach

NEWS MINER: Impeachment is Extremely Significant

ONLINE JOURNAL: Kucinich vows new round of impeachment articles against Bush if measure dies

ONLINE JOURNAL: The blogs are alive with the sound of Impeachment!

TPMCAFE: House Must Preemptively Impeach Bush On Iran

DKOS: Instructions: How to make an Impeachment Pie

DKOS: Bush Impeachment Polls

TPMCAFE: Evidence Showing Pelosi Must Recuse Herself On Impeachment

DKOS: Rebutting propaganda @ Dennis’s Articles of Impeachment

Day 3 – 2008-06-12

STARTRIBUNE: Animals aloft are a sign that impeachment might fly

RAWSTORY: O’Reilly, Kucinich spar over impeachment, unite on gas prices (video)

ADS: Dennis Kucinich on the Urban Journal (audio)

ADS: Obama Must Learn From Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment: Election Theft is Real

RAWSTORY: Cafferty: Why won’t Congress consider impeachment? (video)

DEMOCRATS.COM: Impeachment Cosponsors Wanted!

ALTERNET: Kucinich’s Mammoth Case for Impeaching Bush

DETROIT FREE PRESS: President’s misdeeds go on record

OEN: Has Kucinich Exposed the Dems Complicity?

TPMCAFE: President Must Be Impeached to Forever Deny Him Any Pardons

DKOS: The 35 Articles of Impeachment

SENTINAL: Why Impeachment Is Good Electoral Strategy

DKOS: TELL PELOSI: Bush impeachment polls as high as Nixon when he resigned

Day 2 – 2008-06-11

WAPO: Kucinich Vows to Keep Up Impeachment Fight

CNN: Kucinich effort to impeach Bush kicked into limbo

RAWSTORY: Kucinich: Judiciary Committee must begin review of impeachment articles

ADS: Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) Supports Effort to Impeach President Bush

BLOG: Americans Want Bush Impeached Far More Than They Ever Supported Clinton Impeachment

TRUTHDIG: Gore Vidal’s Article of Impeachment

DEMOCRATS.COM: PETITION: Put Kucinich on Meet the Press

TMPCAFE: Speaker Must Be Removed For Her Illegal Position on Impeachment Investigation

DKOS: My letter to Conyers addressing his “5 points against impeachment” – and how you can help

Day 1 – 2008-06-10


DKOS: I believe we should let George Bush get away with breaking the law because…

RAWSTORY: Mainstream media yawns as Kucinich offers impeachment

DEMOCRATS.COM: Impeachment: Where Olbermann, Turley, and Fineman Are Wrong

DEMOCRATS.COM: Full Text of Articles of Impeachment

DKOS: Wexler Co-Sponsors First Bush Articles of Impeachment

DKOS: The Purpose of Impeachment

DKOS: Why there is time and reason for impeachment of Bush

DKOS: Daily Kos

Poll: When will corporate media cover the impeachment hearings?

DKOS: Five reasons Impeachment is never too late

Day 0 – 2008-06-09

RAWSTORY: Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles (video)


ALTERNET: Colbert says Impeach Bush now or you’re a bunch of pussies… (video)

MSNBC: Poll: Do you believe President Bush’s actions justify impeachment?89% YES, 700,218 votes

RAWSTORY: Murtha revises: Impeachment is ‘on the table’

ALTERNET: Why Is Impeachment Important? (video)

ALTERNET: George McGovern Calls for Bush and Cheney’s Impeachment

ALTERNET: Olbermann & Maddow: Why Are Democrats Afraid to Impeach Cheney? (video)

ALTERNET: Obama and Clinton believe accountability is “off the table.”

ADS: If the People Want Impeachment, Why Can’t it Happen?

TIMESNEWS: The President “serves at our pleasure” and I’m not pleased

DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND: International Justice: The World Has its Eye on George W. Bush

PBS: Moyers: Tough Talk on Impeachment (video)

How to Help

We need to put serious pressure on Conyers, Pelosi and the rest of the House Judiciary. FAX them. A fax, unlike a voicemail or an email, is a physical piece of paper that CANNOT BE IGNORED or easily deleted. Use FaxZero to send 2 free faxes everyday. [h/t Randgrithr]

Nancy Pelosi: 202-225-4188

Harry Reid: 202-224-7327

Jerrold Nadler: 202-225-6923

John Conyers: 202-225-0072

Sending them the List of the Articles of Impeachment might not be a bad idea.  Maybe they just haven’t had a chance to read the list yet. Or maybe they’d like the complete text.  

Other Ways to Help

– Write a letter to your local newspaper in suppport of Impeachment.

– Write a letter to your Congressman supporting impeachment.

– Post stories about Impeachment on your blog and other political websites.

– Wear Orange Every Friday! (and ask your friends and family to wear orange)

Sign the Petition To Impeach Bush

– OEN: Some things we can do to help impeachment along

– ADS: Some Ways You Can Help Impeach Bush

Don’t let the talk of Impeachment die.  Dennis will re-introduce in less than 10 days.  It’s up to us, the  independent bloggers of the internet to keep this story going.  The RULE OF LAW demands that we Impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney for the high crimes and misdemeanors they have committed against the people of this country and the world.  We are the media now.  Stand up and help Rep. Kucinich.  Keep this story alive!

A future without impeachment paints a frighteningly bleak picture, a picture that at this point many of us can see but too few of us are acting to prevent. If ever there was a time to act, now is that time. Congressman Kucinich has promised to re-introduce the 35 Articles of Impeachment against Bush within 30 days of the first introduction if the judiciary committee does not act. That’s just a few short weeks from now. It’s time, right now, to promote the necessity of impeachment as widely as possible. It is imperative that the Bush regime be driven from office and held accountable for its many crimes – it’s time to act now.

At this point the future in unwritten; which one we get is up to us.

Be the change that you want to see in the world. — Mahatma Gandhi


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  2. […] nilo wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptFor this blackout to be broken, Progressive Democrats of America, Move On and every other progressive group need to call for Senator Obama to publicly call for Impeachment. Brain scans revealed that the politically biased are virtually … […]

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