ImpeachmentWatch Day 144 (2008-10-31)

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“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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robbing from the poor to feed the rich

The Bush gang’s parting gift: a final, frantic looting of public wealth by Naomi Klein

In the final days of the election many Republicans seem to have given up the fight for power. But don’t be fooled: that doesn’t mean they are relaxing. If you want to see real Republican elbow grease, check out the energy going into chucking great chunks of the $700bn bail-out out the door. At a recent Senate banking committee hearing, the Republican Bob Corker was fixated on this task, and with a clear deadline in mind: inauguration. “How much of it do you think may be actually spent by January 20 or so?” Corker asked Neel Kashkari, the 35-year-old former banker in charge of the bail-out.

When European colonialists realised that they had no choice but to hand over power to the indigenous citizens, they would often turn their attention to stripping the local treasury of its gold and grabbing valuable livestock. If they were really nasty, like the Portuguese in Mozambique in the mid-1970s, they poured concrete down the elevator shafts.

Nothing so barbaric for the Bush gang. Rather than open plunder, it prefers bureaucratic instruments, such as “distressed asset” auctions and the “equity purchase program”. But make no mistake: the goal is the same as it was for the defeated Portuguese – a final, frantic looting of the public wealth before they hand over the keys to the safe.

This will not be easy. If we speak the truth, they will try to silence us. If we act, they will try to stop us. But we speak for the majority, here and around the world, and as we get this going we are going to reach out to the people who have been so badly fooled by Bush and we are NOT going to stop.

The point is this: history is full of examples where people who had right on their side fought against tremendous odds and were victorious. And it is also full of examples of people passively hoping to wait it out, only to get swallowed up by a horror beyond what they ever imagined. The future is unwritten. WHICH ONE WE GET IS UP TO US.

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Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead

Daily Impeachment Tracker

Day 144 – 2008-10-31
GUARDIAN: KLEIN: The Bush gang’s parting gift: a final, frantic looting of public wealth
ADS: Worst Possible Chief of Staff to Join Worst Possible Vice Presidential Nominee: Not A Great Start
ADS: DOJ Rebuffs Bush, Agency Won’t Probe Ohio Voter Dispute
ADS: How the Government Spies on and Prosecutes Peace Activists
CBSNEWS: White House Makes Final Push To Deregulate (madness)
CBSNEWS: How Sarah Palin Was Unmasked
RAWSTORY: Ecuador says CIA infiltrated its military
RAWSTORY: Ohio official says she can’t check voter database because it might crash (bullshit)
WIRED: Washington Post Q3 Profits Drop 86 Percent (death to newspapers)
SEATTLE-PI: Bush administration denies funding for FBI probe of mortgage mess
TELEGRAPH: Halloween plea to pardon British witches presented to Jack Straw
INDEPENDENT: CIA officers could face trial in Britain over torture allegations

Day 143 – 2008-10-30
CNN: Voting machines could bring Election Day glitches
REUTERS: Are polls accurate in presidential race?
GAZETTE-EXTRA: Sign thefts won’t stop residents from expressing their opinions
INDYBAY: Cindy Sheehan gets 40 Seconds to speak to Nancy Pelosi
DAILY-BEAST: SHEEHAN: My Night With Sean Penn
NBCSPORTS: Report: China had its eye on 9 U.S. athletes
GAWKER: Huffington Post Writer Stabs Lover 222 Times
CSM: Monitor shifts from print to Web-based strategy (death to newspapers)
RAWSTORY: American Express to slash 10 pct of worldwide workforce (credit crisis will be the next crisis)
THIS-IS-LONDON: Blair is the ‘highest-paid public speaker in world’
AP: Rocker Peter Frampton frustrated over thefts of Obama yard signs at his home in Ohio
BRAD-BLOG: PA: Emergecny Paper Ballots Must Given Out if 50% or More Voting Machines in Any Precinct Breaks Down
GLOBE&MAIL: Man in Edmonton dies after taser hit
RAWSTORY: ‘Dirty tricks’ escalate as US election nears
DEMOCRATS.COM: Conyers, Kucinich Express Alarm Regarding the Use of Funds from the $700 Billion Rescue Package
ADS: DOJ Rebuffs Bush, Agency Won’t Probe Ohio Voter Dispute
ADS: “Stink Eye Politics”-Running Against the Republicans AND the Democrats: Why I’m Campaigning for Cindy Sheehan
ADS: Lieberman Likely to Lose His Gavel in Massive Reshuffle Being Discussed (good)
ADS: Cindy for Congress
ADS: Lawsuits, Machine Malfunctions and Missing Absentee Ballots Among Voting Rights Issues Facing Jittery Election

Day 142 – 2008-10-29
DEMOCRATS.COM: Stolen Election Preview: How Will We Know?
PATRIOT-LEDGER: President Bush should have been impeached
COUNTER-CURRENTS: Cleaning Up After Bush
OEN: The Attorney General Candidate Who Promises to Prosecute Bush
WAPO: Are The Polls Right?
MSNBC: Obama leads McCain in 6 of 8 swing states
FOXNEWS: Afghanistan Troop Buildup Could More Than Double (would a war by any other name, not smell so sweet as profit)
FOXNEWS: Spy Agencies Spent $47.5B in Fiscal Year 2008 (all to catch a boogeyman, that they didn’t catch)
REUTERS: Financial crisis heralds era of “new seriousness”
BBC: Earth on course for eco ‘crunch’
DEMOCRATS.COM: FOX Declares McCain the Loser (by labeling him “D-AZ”)
DEMOCRATS.COM: Waxman Acts on Kucinich’s Prompting: Demands to Know How Much of Our Loot Wall Street Criminals Pocket
RAWSTORY: Georgia voters stand in line for 12 hours
RAWSTORY: Palin subject of new ethics complaint over children’s travel
HUFFPO: Republicans are The Real Socialists
RAWSTORY: GOP longshot: ‘No apologies’ for racy, moaning robocall
DEMOCRATS.COM: Kos, Kucinich, and the Overton Window
HERALD-SUN: Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship (sieg heil)
ADS: Vote, Trust, Hope We Can “Recalibrate” This Country
ADS: Both McCain and Obama Want to Run Pentagon Wants New Nukes (two sides of the same coin)

Day 141 – 2008-10-28
ADS: Frank Breaks Taboo on Military Spending
ADS: Pick Up a Phone, Put Bush Behind Bars
OEN: Action Alert: IMPEACHMENT needs YOU
OEN: SHEEHAN: The Party’s Over?
MARKET-WATCH: Celebrated LGBTQ Rights Activists and Entertainers Endorse Cindy Sheehan
SOCIALIST-ALTERNATIVE: Cindy Sheehan Wants a New Political Party – How Can it Become Reality?
CALGARY-HERALD: San Francisco: California city practices politics its own way
ADS: Help Cindy Sheehan Run This TV Ad
RED-TAPE: E-voting, we hardly knew you
BRAD-BLOG: VIDEOS: Vote Flipping on Touch-Screens in WV
ADS: Messy Elections: Can We Trust the Results?
DEMOCRATS.COM: Steal Back Your Vote
FOXNEWS: Obama Urges Voters to Take Day Off From Work to Help Campaign on Election Day
ADS: Dozens Of Call Center Workers Walk Off Job In Protest Rather Than Read McCain Script Attacking Obama
FOXNEWS: State Department Dismisses Report that Rice Has Accepted 49ers’ Position
WAPO: U.S. Calls Raid a Warning to Syria
ADS: Kucinich: Timing of Attacks in Syria Questionable
RAWSTORY: Gov’t pours billions into banks, but real economies tanking
DEMOCRATS.COM: Bush Depression Causing Sleeplessness
DEMOCRATS.COM: Kucinich Continues Investigation of Bail-Out Bonuses
SG: Actor Cromwell: Cheney should be in Jail

Day 140 – 2008-10-27
ADS: Rep. Brad Sherman Makes Further Non-Retraction of Report on Threats of Martial Law
ADS: Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia Watches His Staff Hit People for Asking Questions (video)
CALGARY-HERALD: Democrats not liberal enough for San Fran
AFP: The Crime of Incumbency
RAWSTORY: GOP’s mass voter fraud theory as likely as alien abduction
RAWSTORY: Terrorist ‘tweets’? US Army warns of Twitter dangers (communication tools in the hands of normal people, not controlled by corporations)
WIRED: 20 Killed in Deadly U.S. Drone Strike
RAWSTORY: Orlando TV Anchor conducts ‘unprofessional interview’ of Biden
DEMOCRATS.COM: The “dirty little secret” of the US bank bailout

Day 139 – 2008-10-26
TIMES-ONLINE: Sarah Palin: the ice queen
ADS: Obama Preparing for Disastrous Bushlike Cabinet and Staff
HUFFPO: The Battle Plan II: Sarah “Evita” Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State
OEN: Naomi Klein; an Interview with Rob Kall
REUTERS: Economy, election worries follow visitors to Vegas
REUTERS: Central banks poised to act
CBSNEWS: Web Campaign Donations Face New Scrutiny
FOXNEWS: ‘Hour of Prayer’ Preacher Removed by Father
FOXNEWS: Transcript: Karl Rove on ‘FOX News Sunday’
REUTERS: McCain got $7 million in excess donations
BBC: US plans separate nuclear command
GREATSCAT: HITCHENS: McCain is ‘borderline senile.’ (video)
ARCHIVE: More Cold War Espionage Transcripts Unsealed
VIDEO-CAFE: Colbert Report: The McCain Campaign Reaches Out To The Middle Class
ADS: Senate Keeps Up Pretense It Cares About Stopping Torture
ADS: Fraudulent Election 2008
OEN: HORROR is the only word to describe these last eight years and we must never minimize or repress this truth

Day 138 – 2008-10-25
BRAD-BLOG: ES&S Touch-Screen Votes Now Flipping in TX Too! Obama/DNC Attorneys Still AWOL!
OEN: Films For Action tops 300 Activist-Issue Videos You Can Watch Online
EXAMINER: The Fourth Party Candidates
CNN: Long lines, glitches reported during early voting
CNN: What would Jesus brew?
CNSNEWS: The Way Presidential Polls Work – Or Don’t
REUTERS: Distortion is the new normal for markets
REUTERS: Both sides gird for legal challenges in election
ADS: ACLU Demands Information on U.S. Military Domestic Operations
ADS: Either McCain Is Lying Or He Doesn’t Know What Socialism Is
HUFFPO: RICHARD LEWIS: And Larry David Thinks He’s Frightened?
OEN: Washington Think-Tank Cultivating ‘Last Resort’ Against Iran and Priming Next President

Day 137 – 2008-10-24
AP: Georgia, Tenn. cope with early voting glitches
OEN: Vermont Citizens Vote to Indict Bush and Cheney as Criminals!
DAILY-JOURNAL: Hold Bush, Cheney accountable
DU: Just Following Orders – Colin Powell’s Tragic Flaw
SFGATE: Roseanne hits the robocalls for Cindy Sheehan
CBSNEWS: McCain Worker Made Up Attack Story
TPMCAFE: Ignore Palin’s “VP is in charge of the Senate” claim at your peril
ABCNEWS: Palin Stylist Draws Higher Pay Than Policy Adviser
MSNBC: Palin to testify on Troopergate
ABCNEWS: McCain in 2000 Defended ‘Progressive’ Taxation from Charge of ‘Socialism’ (video)
CBSNEWS: Bloomberg Beats Democracy
MCCLATCHY: The Philippines: America’s other war on terrorism
USA-TODAY: U.S. to target Taliban drug traffic
RAWSTORY: Colbert asks: Can we save the Hummer?
ALLEY-INSIDER: New York Times (NYT) Running On Fumes (death to all newspapers)
DEMOCRATS.COM: Rep. Sherman Feels Heat for Reporting on Threat of Martial Law
ADS: President Obama: Shut Down This Camp!
ADS: Rep. Dennis Kucinich To Investigate Exec Bonuses; Calls for Accountability, Reform, Regulation
ADS: National Assembly Statement Urging Unity of the Antiwar Movement for the March Actions
ADS: We Do Not Consent – Open Letter To The Media

Day 136 – 2008-10-23
ENEWS-SPF: Vermont Citizens Vote to Indict Bush and Cheney as Criminals
OEN: Beware the Deadly Palinflower
ABCNEWS: Why won’t they release Palin’s Medical Records?
CBSNEWS: Greenspan: My Faith In Banks A “Mistake”
CBSNEWS: George, You Were No Herbert Hoover
RAWSTORY: ACLU highlights ‘Constitution-Free Zone’ 100 miles from border
RAWSTORY: Brokaw: Rove revealed how Bush would win in Ohio
RAWSTORY: Sarah Palin dragging down Republican ticket: polls
RAWSTORY: Olbermann rips Palin for not knowing what VP does
RAWSTORY: Thousands of academics sign on to support Bill Ayers
WIRED: Pentagon Spends $50K for 2nd Rummy Portrait
HUFFPO: LARRY DAVID: Waiting for Nov. 4th
DEMOCRATS.COM: The Housing Bubble and Its Crash Were Engineered from the Highest Levels of the U.S. Government, the Federal Reserve, and the Financial Industry
ADS: McCain Aide Acknowledges Voter Suppression Strategy
ADS: Despite the Threat of Harsh Punishment, Soldier Says “No” to Deployment in Afghanistan
ADS: Attorneys, Scholars, Activist Groups Call for Impeachment

Day 135 – 2008-10-22
ADS: Police Prepare For Unrest
ADS: Sen. Warner Supports Domestic Use of Military
RAWSTORY: Olbermann: Bush ‘lied’ about intending to close Gitmo
DU: Misquoting William Ayers to make him look like an “unrepentant terrorist”
ADS: The vicious attacks are starting again
HERALD: Anti-war activist profiles others who have spoken out against Iraq war
ADS: Help Cindy Sheehan Run This Ad In The San Francisco Chronicle To Defeat Pelosi
REUTERS: Obama welcomes planned global financial summit (cause he’s a globalist)
CBSNEWS: Big Donors Drive Obama’s Money Edge
RAWSTORY: Olbermann: Divisive politics is anti-American
ABCNEWS: Palin Says Vice President “In Charge Of” Senate
CBSNEWS: $150G From GOP For Fashions For Palins?
MSNBC: Palins’ depositions set for Friday
BOSTON.COM: Palin: The ‘right thing’ for America will happen Nov. 4
CNN: Union wants 9/11 off or extra $$ to show up
ADS: Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky on Elections and Activism
ADS: Citizen’s Arrest of Rove Attempted (video)
DEMOCRATS.COM: Any Pay Cuts on Wall Street Yet?

Day 134 – 2008-10-21
OEN: Impeachment Movement Gains Momentum
MWC: Attorneys, Scholars, Activist Groups Call for Impeachment
MARKETWATCH: Cindy Sheehan Campaign Launches Media Blitz in San Francisco
CNN: Commentary: Is it 1929 all over again?
RAWSTORY: Author: American ‘way of war’ has replaced American way
RAWSTORY: CNN reporter waits 3 hours on voting line in Florida
BAILOUT-SLEUTH: More bailout contracts contain blacked out portions
USA-TODAY: Homeless numbers ‘alarming’
ADS: Surprise: Bush Never Considered Closing Guantanamo
ADS: Do Not Remove U.S. Uniform When Committing Rape or Murder
DEMOCRATS.COM: Feeling Robbed?

Day 133 – 2008-10-20
POLITICKER-CA: Sheehan claims her campaign against Pelosi is being sabotaged
CINDY4CONGRESS: Hanky Campaignky
SWANS: Swans Recommendations – 2008 Elections
CBSNEWS: Sarah Palin’s Next Career: Cable TV
MSNBC: When campaigns come calling, locals pay dearly
FOXNEWS: Did ‘Family Guy’ Go Too Far With Nazi ‘McCain’ Pin?
RAWSTORY: Britain releases secret UFO files
RAWSTORY: Secrecy surrounds candidates’ health (reptiles?)
RAWSTORY: Could Will the US election be stolen?
REUTERS: U.S. Treasury official says situation “grim”
FIREDOGLAKE: Reagan’s war on labor
DEMOCRATS.COM: The Collapse of a 300 Year Ponzi Scheme: The Real Debate is Crony Socialism or Financial Sovereignty
ADS: Theft Openly Underway in Full Sunlight and Not a Peep from Obama
ADS: Cindy for Congress

Day 132 – 2008-10-19
OEN: Explaining How Stolen Elections Keep Obama From Being a Sure Win to a Friend in Tribal Area Pakistan
ABCNEWS: Palin Smiles as ‘SNL’ Mocks Her Anew
REUTERS: Obama deals double blow but McCain still confident (creepy headline, confidence in rigged machines?)
ADS: Antiwar Vets Attacked By Police Outside Debate
ADS: Stoning Dubya
ADS: Steal Back Your Vote Guide by Bobby Kennedy, Jr. & Greg Palast
ADS: Pro-Cindy Sheehan, Anti-Pelosi Rally This Thursday, 10/23, Noon-1 PM, SF Chronicle Building
ADS: Electronic Election Theft Underway and Visible; Obama Silent as a Lamb
RAWSTORY: Chuck Todd: McCain ‘conceding the popular vote’
CHICAGO-BN: Man dies after Chicago police use taser on him
OEN: OpEdNews: News Site, Blog Site, Hybrid Site or New Media?

Day 0 – 2008-06-09
RAWSTORY: Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles (video)

ALTERNET: Colbert says Impeach Bush now or you’re a bunch of pussies. (video)
ALTERNET: Why Is Impeachment Important? (video)
ADS: If the People Want Impeachment, Why Can’t it Happen?

I believe we should let George Bush get away with breaking the law because the attempt to hold him accountable wouldn’t be as useful as waiting for Barack Obama to maybe become President so he could maybe investigate Bush then.

As I see it now, we have but two options. The first and frankly most preferable option is for Congress to immediately begin impeachment proceedings.  The other option, is a total revolution. Put your party politics aside right now. We are in a crisis so dangerous that should these people succeed in their coup, your party affiliation will no longer matter, your American flag will be a nice collectible item of something that once was.

Here’s how the propaganda model works: Kucinich’s attempt to impeach the President elicited a mere 132 words in every major media outlet including the New York Times, Washington Post, and

The blogs are alive with the sound of Impeachment. The notices are rolling into my computer faster than I can open them, sign them and send them out to friends or family. That’s called activism, pushing back against this destructive force called Bush.

H.RES.333 – Impeaching Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors. [2007-04-24]
Sponser: Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. [OH-10]  Co-Sponsers (27)
Complete TextComplete Video

H.RES.1258 – Impeaching George W. Bush, President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors. (35 Articles) [2008-06-09]
Sponser: Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. [OH-10]  Co-Sponsers (11)
Complete TextComplete Video: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

H.RES.1345 – Impeaching George W. Bush, President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors. (1 Article) [2008-07-10]
Sponser: Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. [OH-10]  Co-Sponsers (4)
Complete TextComplete Video

H.RES.1509 – Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the next president of the United States should immediately work to reverse damaging and illegal actions taken by the Bush/Cheney Administration and collaborate with Congress to proactively prevent any further abuses of executive branch power. [2008-09-26]
Sponsor: Rep Baldwin, Tammy [WI-2] Co-Sponsers (0)
Complete Text

videos thanks to

“Ernest Hemingway once wrote, ‘The world is a fine place and worth fighting for’.
I agree with the second part” — Seven

How to Help
Use FaxZero to fax the Articles of Impeachment your Congressman.
– Write a letter to your local newspaper in suppport of Impeachment.
– Write a letter to your Congressman supporting impeachment.
– Post stories about Impeachment on your blog and other political websites.
Wear Orange Every Friday! (and ask your friends and family to wear orange)
Sign the Petition To Impeach Bush
– OEN: Some things we can do to help impeachment along
– ADS: Some Ways You Can Help Impeach Bush

A future without impeachment paints a frighteningly bleak picture, a picture that at this point many of us can see but too few of us are acting to prevent. If ever there was a time to act, now is that time. It’s time, right now, to promote the necessity of impeachment as widely as possible. It is imperative that the Bush regime be driven from office and held accountable for its many crimes – it’s time to act now.

At this point the future in unwritten; which one we get is up to us.

Learn More about Impeachment [h/t Revisionist]

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Cindy Sheehan Will Be on Ballot and she will win. – Removing the Speaker of the House who “took impeachment off the table” will be an important first step to holding the war criminals accountable for their crimes.  Cindy Sheehan is running as an Independent against Nancy Pelosi in a very liberal district.  She will win.  The Speaker of the House can be defeated.  It has happened before.

Why Every American Should Support Cindy Sheehan in Her Effort to Unseat Nancy Pelosi

Be the change that you want to see in the world. — Mahatma Gandhi


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  2. Good information. Should share with everyone.

  3. You people are such pompous, disillusioned, blood thirsty knuckleheads. Are you regretting the removal of Sadam Hussein from power? The man was a mass murderer and the war has proven to be effective against Al Qaeda. If you wacky liberals had it your way this country would cease to exist and you would turn into a third world country. Your lack of knowledge of history is mind boggling, and those who don’t know there history are destined to repeat it. Please stop dreaming about a eutopian society and wake up. This is the real world where there are bad people that we must kill to protect our nation. Deep down all you liberals just aren’t happy and you want everyone to be miserable with you.

  4. Bill Clinton lied under oath in front of a federal jury. He purgered himself. much different than what Bush did.

  5. well comrades… your liberal socialist man has lied well and got himself selected… i wonder how safe this nation will remain after january 20 2009….

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